What I’m Up To

Isn't she the sweetest thing?!

Isn't she the cutest thing?! Back when her sweater was new, and so was she!

So I’ve been getting crafty lately, which is funny considering the fact that I’m the last person you’d imagine sitting by the TV, working on some project or other.

But hey, I was a Girl Scout, and my 4-H club’s name was the Crafty Foxes. (We were all girls… go figure!)

My latest creations have been crocheted, which I’m having insane fun with. My grandmother taught me to crochet eons ago, but I could never get beyond one big circle. I never understood the concept of increasing rows and such.

However, thanks to H’s grandmother, who took me under her wing and taught me the basics, again, I’ve been one inspired hooker! (hahah!!!)

My favorite things to make, of course, are for Bunny Bean, my beloved puppy.

Now, she’s no Pug or Bichon Frise — i.e. she’s no delicate thing sitting on her fluffy bed, waiting to be looked at and loved. She’s a rough-and-tumble terrier who tolerates my frou-frou togs with a grimace, and then commences to try to eat them, or roll around in dead things with them on.

But, she’s got two totally awesome sweaters, which keep her warm and make her look totally cute!

Bunny and her pink sweater, when it was too big for her.

Bunny and her pink sweater, when it was too big for her.

And, with the long winter coming, and a possible dearth of interesting gigs to keep my creative juices flowing, I may just go into business making them for other peoples’ dogs too. Who could possibly hate a cute, cuddly puppy in a soft, fuzzy sweater?!


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