The Dirt…

About me? Okay… Writer currently residing in and/or around the City of Brotherly Love. Child of the ’80s, was once somewhat cool. Now just trying to subdue the wrinkles and get on with what most of my less Gypsy-like peers have already accomplished. (And in some cases lost! ha! Sorry… )

No kids. One dog. One husband. Crappy car.

Hold a master’s degree in journalism from Syracuse, a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. Am freelance writer who has written for magazines, newspapers and websites, including Philadelphia Weekly, Philadelphia Inquirer, Men’s Health and a whole slew of other one-offs for assorted pubs.

Fell ill with chronic illness three-or-so years ago, which brought about freelance gigging after retirement from fast-paced travel-heavy corporate world.

Current living sitch is pretty craptastic, given the state of the world and its finances. But, all that goes around must come around, so I continue to work on future “best-selling novel” in hopes that H., puppy and I can all retire for real someday.

In meantime, doing my best to inform and entertain…


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